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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hi! There you have my result of my survey. The spelling mistake are not correct, they will be it during the week.

Introduction :
Now I study in Early childhood education, it’s for that I do my survey on this. I find than the people don’t know what is this job. Many people think than this job is just a job of baby-sitting and it’s just a question of changing a diaper. With this survey a just want see the global opinion of people.

My survey have a global of 10 questions. In fact, I did a total of fourteen questions but we can just put 10 questions on the site. My survey have two categories. In the first, it was a general questions about the childhood education. In this part is all questions are with choice, about 3 to 4 choice by questions.
In the second part I did two questions about some the rules of «CPE». The person have a choice of true or false.
I have a total of 18 respondents. I didn’t do a question who the person write what he want, because went people see this type of question, they don’t know what written, they are scared about how written some words and they don’t want to write with some mistake. So, I find it’s better to put just questions with choice. Is more easy for the responds and for me.

The results and analysis:
The first question ask at people if they thing is to much 3 years for this program. In this question 38.9 % of people think it’s to much. Like many person, I find it’s to much 3 years for this programme. I’m in 4 session and they have many repetition, and many court are needless. So I really understand why many people write this.

The second question is if the people believe in this job. 94.4% believe in this job and 5.6% don’t believe in this type of job. I really happy to see than people believe in this job, that will say I don’t lose my time.

The third question, is about the opinion of people, in this question I want to know the type of person who can work in CPE according to her. 22.2% think this programme is just for girl, 77.8% think is a job for girl and boy and blissfully nobody think than this job it’s just for boy. It’s true than this job is for girls and boys, but not boys come in this programme in my group of 100 persons they have 99 girls and 1 boy.

The fourth question it’s the reason why they think than they have no boy in this programme (less than 2%). 5.6% persons think than the boys don’t love children, 44.4% think they are not interesting about children and finally 50% think they are scared about the opinion of the other boys. It’s really interesting to see than many people think than the boys are scared. I approve this majorities. I find it’s a really sad, the children love boys. Went a group in CPE have a boy for educator the energy in group isn’t the same thing, they can do some think with boy, who they can’t do with a girl.

In the fifth question, I want to know if people have choice where they want to put her children. 61.1% want to put her children in Center Early Childhood. 5.6% want to put her in Private nursery and 38.9% put the children with somebody of her family. In this question. Went I did this question, in my head they have more person who write with somebody of her family. I think the people don’t really understand this question, I think they don’t catch the Private nursery. Because I know it’s popular the private nursery but the survey don’t say that.

The sixth question it’s about the money. I want to know according to her, who they think win the most money in CPE. 22.2% think is the cook, 33.3% think it’s the caretaker and 44.4% think is the educator. In this question they have a trap, it’s not the educator who win more money it’s the caretaker. I don’t have the exact number but I can say you the caretaker win more money. With this questions I just want to know if people know the salary in general.

The seventh question is about the strike of educators. In this one I want to know the opinion about this strike. 5.6% think is a waste of time, 66.7% say they are right, 22.2% have not opinion and 5.6% did know they are in strike. I’m happy to see than 66.7% of person are with us.

In the eighth, I just want to know if they find it’s to much to have between 8 at 10 children for one educator. 94.4% say it’s to much. This one do a controversy with the question five. I say that because, the person want to put her children in CPE but in CPE they are between 8 to 10 children by educator, counter on private nursery who the educator have between 5 to 6 children at her charge. I think the people chose CPE because the price is more less. It’s about 5$ by day in CPE and about 20$ in private nursery by day. The people think it’s to much but I do her choice with her purse.

The ninth question it’s for see if people know some rules of the nursery, in this one I ask question about animal. 22.2% think they are allowed in nursery and 77.8% say they are not allowed. This one is really easier, but in the tenth I put a little trap. The tenth it’s about a new rule in CPE. In this want I write «children can’t go outside if he doesn’t have a scarf ». 55.6% say true and 44.4% say false. The answer is false, the children in CPE can’t have scarf if we want to go outside we must have a «cache neck». A scarf it’s to dangerous, a kid are dead because her scarf are corner between to piece in a module for play.
In my result, one person say many stupidity, this person say all worst answers, I don’t put out this answers of my survey, because maybe he really think that, but it if just of me a take out all this answers.

My survey was good. I have see in, what in want. I have a idea about the opinion of people about Early childhood education. I can see than many people don’t really know what is this job. I’m surprise to see than many people think like me about the little number of boys In Early Childhood Education. More, the people doesn’t know than the caretaker win more money than educator. The number of person who believe in this job is so big! That impression me. I think I have speak about many subjects in my survey, it’s for that I love my survey. With all this subject, I can have a little idea of many thing. If a restart my survey I think I will put many subject, like I do.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Early Childhood Education
Hi! There you have my survey on Early childhood Education. Please take 1 minute of your time and go to my survey, I really need you because that is for my final oral production.
Thank you very much, and have a nice day ! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hi! My name is Laurie-Anne. I’m in 2nd year in Early Childhood Education. I live, in the week, at Longueuil with my cousin in apartment and the weekend, I live at St-Bernard de Lacolle. In the summer I work in the stores of Parc Safari at Hemmingford. I’m living at Longueuil just for the school. In my town, they don’t have many things. St-Bernard de Lacolle was a little town, they have many tiller. My parent was tiller, so I have at my house many: cows, cats, dogs, chickens, hens, cocks, chicks and pigs. In my town they didn’t have a grocery; we go in other town like: Hemmingford, Napierville or Lacolle. They don’t have shop or something like that and we have one restaurant. If you read that you will say: «It’s boring in this town» but is not that, because in my town I have the beauty of nature and I have the peace!